[matrix] is a chat protocol.

See also:, Matrix-Static Room List

Room name / join link Description cute pictures, mainly of animals Video games chat about the FOSS Linux Kernel and software in its orbit Video games on the GNU/Linux+systemd operating platform funny pictures, some might call them "memes" nerds talk about stuff they think is interesting heated discussion and arguments about world politics

There's a segment in the This Week In Matrix section of the blog called Dept. of Ping which lists a few fast homeservers you might want to consider. They may not have open registration though. A few good ones with open registration follow:

name run by more information fredl, MacLemon TOR-friendly, claims to be privacy-minded Indian Pirates, Hamara Linux
Tchncs Milan one-person tech collective run by Kája+2 hosted on services, has a handful of mods

You can find a list of more homeservers here:

Home servers you probably MAY NOT want to consider are listed here with three green letters: Glowers Club recommended homeservers – Glowers Club is a shitposting community annoying other people, spamming and promoting offensive content and harboring incels and edgelords without any sense of decency. This is for example documented on their enemies page.

There was a security breach in April 2019. An attacker gained access to the [matrix] installation at

Later the team hired security consultants and published a blog article about the remediation of the issues found by said consultants.

Max Dor found out that there were some GDPR and privacy issues with Matrix.

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