Name short description
AdAway Ad blocker
CALCU calculator
DAVx5 sync calendar/contacts/tasks with WebDAV
Aegis Generate πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ 2FA one-time passwords (with export and encryption feature)
K-9 mail Mail client
KeePassDroid Password Manager
OandBackup Backup your smartphone
Red Moon Tint screen for less strain on eyes
Relaxio Relaxing sounds
StreetComplete Help complete OpenStreetMap
SyncThing Synchronise files
Open Camera FOSS camera app with many features
  • Haven – Guardian Project App to monitor your surroundings for movement, sound and light changes. Useful for Operational Security.
Name short description
WLAN Tester WLAN analyser
Port Authority Port scanner
Change my MAC
CIDR calculator
DNS Hero
Termux Terminal
zANTI Pentesting
Port Authority

Yes, you should. Android since 7.0 has an efficient file-based encryption method which doesn't impact performance in a noticeable way (only 3-4% speed loss). You should upgrade your phone to the latest version and check that the processor supports modern encryption and hashing algorithms.

See also: Why are so few Android phones encrypted, and should you encrypt yours? (old article, performance is a lot better nowadays)

how to encrypt

Settings menu β†’ Security (wording could be different). If your device is encrypted, that's displayed here. Some devices will allow SD card contents to be encrypted, by default Android just encrypts on-board storage.

If the device isn’t encrypted, start the process with the Encrypt phone option.

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