Domain Name System (DNS)

Free providers

IP Name Google Public DNS-2 Clara-2 DE

Find out with namebench.

Format: <name> [<ttl>] [<class>] <type> <rdata> TTL class SRV priority weight port target.

Send mail from MX and A entries, prohibit all others: 28800 TXT 10 v=spf1 mx a -all

_submission._tcp     SRV 0 1 587
_imap._tcp    SRV 0 1 143

RFC-2606 reserves 4 different TLDs for testing and documentation examples:

  • .example
  • .invalid
  • .localhost

DO NOT use .local for testing or local purposes! It's reserved for mDNS – if you hand out .local DNS entries, you'll interfere with Avahi/Zeroconf hostname resolution.

try one of the following:

systemd-resolve --flush-caches
systemctl restart nscd
systemctl restart dnsmasq
systemctl restart named
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