Antivirus (AV)

Most of the time you do not need a third-party antivirus! Most people using Windows will be fine using Windows Defender in addition to blocking advertisements in their browsers. GNU/Linux users do not need an antivirus software at all most of the time.

Some antivirus software installs a web proxy on your system which intercepts every download. While this is effective against malicious software, it can also be exploited when there is a bug in the proxy which enables drive-by downloads.

  • Install an adblocker in your browser (e.g. uBlock Origin)
  • Advanced: block malicious ads and software with a Pi-Hole blocklist
  • Advanced: Use a package manager like chocolatey on Windows
  • Linux: Only install software available in your distribution's package manager

You can upload suspicious files to to see the results from other virus scanning engines.

The fact that the name contains "Generic" means the AV didn't detect anything, it just means it found some programming patterns in there that it also found in viruses.

  • Last modified: 2020-04-18 11:21