• Tom Scott – things he does
  • DALLMYD – treasure hunter and scuba diver
  • Internet Historian – memelord talking about stuff happening in the Internet and around the Gaming community.
  • Nerdforge – Cosplay, (spray) painting, nerd stuff.
  • Throttle House – car reviews, track tests, racecar builds.
  • Thoughty2 – British YouTuber and gatekeeper of useless facts. Semi-factual videos on the weirdest, wackiest and interesting topics.
  • Joel Haver – Shorts and skits with yolo attitude.
  • LockPickingLawyer – guy who picks locks like it's nothing, tells you how to do it.
  • Project Farm – Homesteading, testing superglue, power tools and household appliances.
  • FortNine – motorcycle content.
  • TheBackyardScientist – sets his pool on fire in slow motion.
  • styropyro – Lasers. 'nuff said.
  • Reactions – chemical reactions in everyday life, explained by the American Chemical Society.
  • AvE – tears apart and explains machinery.
  • The King of Random – more experiments than science, but nonetheless interesting.
  • Real Engineering – complex answers to simple questions. Many videos about aviation and space travel.
  • Mark Rober – ideas, tinkering, science, engineering. Funny stuff teaching you a bit about physics.


Electronics Engineering

  • eevblog – off-the-cuff Video Blog about Electronics Engineering, for engineers, hobbyists, enthusiasts, hackers and Makers. Hosted by Dave Jones from Sydney, Australia
  • JerryRigEverything – reviews technology from the inside with smartphone durability tests and teardown videos
  • Mr. Volt – creating robotics.


  • BlackpenRedpen – Asian memelord with two pens explaining maths like it's nothing.


  • Metatron – languages, videogames, medieval weapons and armor and history
  • Fredrik Knudsen – home to Down the Rabbit Hole, a series of videos diving deep into the strange parts of the internet as well as confounding and absurd elements of history.
  • Kurzgesagt - in a nutshell – explaining science with optimistic nihilism.
  • Veritasium – short documentaries about small interesting things.
  • shiey / Illegal Freedom – going to lost places and doing trainspotting, hiking and similar activities.
  • The guy with the swiss accent – lots of Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other microcontrollers.
  • Strange Parts – sourcing parts in Shenzhen, all of China and all over the world.
  • Maker's MuseMaker's Muse is a Technology channel based in Sydney, Australia. 3D Design and Printing Tutorials, Reviews and Projects.
  • Electroboom – "some people say, I'm an idiot". Likes to touch live wires and educate people.
  • Joma Tech – talk about life in Silicon Valley, big tech companies, data science and software engineering.
  • Athlean-X – workouts, nutrition and supplement advice from physical therapist and strength coach Jeff Cavaliere
  • serpentza – Brit living in China talking about Chinese and Asian culture.
  • High Snobiety – Mostly fashion.
  • Elvis The Alien – reviewing shitty movies and commenting on shitty youtube videos.

Dubstep / DnB

  • FreeTube – YouTube app with a privacy focus
    • you can subscribe to channels locally without an account and import your YouTube subscriptions
  • YouTube Vanced – modded Android app for YouTube
    • main features: Ad Blocking and Background Playback
  • NewPipe – alternative FOSS client
  • Simple YouTube Age Restriction Bypassuserscript so you don't need to submit your ID to youtube to watch age restricted videos.

You can download videos with some of the apps above, e.g. NewPipe and Invidious. However, there are dedicated applications to download YouTube videos listed here.

  • Media Downloader – Qt/C++ based frontend to youtube-dl and it can be used to download any media file supported by youtube-dl. Works on Windows, macOS and Linux.
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