Shit people say

Airflow Apache Airflow
CI Continuous Improvement, Continuous Integration, Configuration Item (ITIL)
DC data center or disconnect
docs documentation
down something's not running, <> up
GCP Google Cloud Platform
ITIL IT Infrastructure Library
ISP Internet Service Provider
SRE Site Reliability Engineering
up something's running, cf.: uptime
gg good game
gz congratulations
wp well played
abbr. meaning explanation
btw by the way
ITT in this thread
jfc just for comparison
jk just kidding
#nohomo not homosexual this was not meant in a sexual way
ofc of course
re returned I was away and now I'm back
smh shaking my head
TIL today, I learned this is something I learned today
or: this is something I just learned)
ty thank you
tyvm thank you very much
/s sarcasm indicator indicates sarcasm, can also be conveyed by 🙃
L6S (also: LSS) Lean Six Sigma
RPA Robotic Process Automation
DMAIC Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control; a method in L6S
UAT User Acceptance Testing
SDD Solution Design Document
SME Subject Matter Expert; Small and Medium Enterprises
PDD Process Definition Document
KPI Key Performance Indicator
FTE Full Time Equivalent
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