• Hexchat (Windows, Linux)
    Easy to use IRC client written in Python.
  • irssi
    CLI client
  • ZNC (Linux)

IRC servers have an interface you can use with slashed commands. Many servers have a setup where you can just type /help and get a list of available commands. You can also prefix most server/bot commands with "HELP" to get an overview. IRC usually is not case sensitive. Common useful commands are listed here:

Register new account /msg NickServ HELP REGISTER
Join a channel /join #channel
Find out where a user connects from /whois username
Channel Description
##linux inofficial general Linux help channel
#archlinux Arch Linux
##MacOSX Mac OS X, Apple in general
#geekhack mechanical keyboards, mice, hardware, general chitchat
##rtlsdr Realtek Software Defined Radio
##windows Microsoft's OS
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