Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Server: see CSGO Server


  1. Check every corner.
  2. Take Cover! Hide from multiple positions at once.
  3. Sneak instead of duck! Peek around corners running.
  4. Stay with your team and at the site (no "overcommit").
  5. Be farther from the corner than the enemy, you'll see him earlier.
  6. Practice your aim in Deathmatch or on practice maps with bots.
  7. The silencer has to stay on the gun!
  8. Place your crosshair on head level, not on the ground. Aim at the enemy, not on a wall.
  9. Stop when shooting.
  10. Throw your nades. Only buy what you use.
  11. sensitivity < vertical px of monitor (1920x1080) – if you want to find the perfect sens, you need about 30min.

Stats: / (different pages) / CSGO Squad

Find people to play with: Gamurs / r/recruitcs

Steam Reputation (VAC bans, trade bans):

optimal settings:

  • Shadows: very low
  • Texture, Effect: high
  • Shaders: low
  • Multicore: enabled
  • 4xMSAA, 4xAF
  • Laptop Power Savings, FXAA, VSync, Motion Blur: disabled

low FPS?

snd_updateaudiocache and snd_rebuildaudiocache rebuilds sound cache, eliminates HRTF frame rate drops

see also: r/globaloffensive/wiki/hardware

Set your CPU to maximum performance:

  • Windows: Energy Settings → Advanced
  • Linux: echo performance |sudo tee /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_governor


start options:

LANG=en_US.UTF-8 -exec autoexec -novid -console

disable mouse acceleration:

# with xinput
Section "InputClass"
	Identifier "My Mouse"
	MatchIsPointer "yes"
	Option "AccelerationProfile" "-1"
	Option "AccelerationScheme" "none"
	Option "AccelSpeed" "-1"
# with libinput
Section "InputClass"
	Identifier "My Mouse"
	Driver "libinput"
	MatchIsPointer "yes"
	Option "AccelProfile" "flat"


Weapon Tutorials






weapon details spreadsheet by SlothSquadron and BlackRetina

  • 1st (pistol) round: Tec-9, USP-S, Five-Seven
  • 2. Runde / low budget: Mac-10, MP-9
  • Eco / force buy: UMP-45, P250, Galil, Famas, MP-7
  • Anti-Eco, Rush: P90, Mac-10, MP9
  • Standard: AK-47, SG-553, M4, AUG

CT's don't always have to buy armor (AK = 1-click headshot)

Do not buy!

Reason what else?
Desert Eagle expensive, small magazine, slow fire rate Tec-9, USP/P2000, P250, Five-Seven
Bizon really low damage MP-9, MP-7, MAC-10
M249 inaccurate, expensive AWP
Negev expensive AWP
XM 1014 low damage, six instead of nine rounds, expensive FAMAS/P-90


need a lot of practice – not for noobs!

shotgun comparison by 3kliksphilip

when to buy?
MAG-7 (CTs) anti-eco, eco
Nova (Ts) anti-eco, light buy


Buy order:

  1. Smoke
  2. Flash
  3. HE
  4. Molotov
  5. Decoy

Wear Value

find out: / CS:GO Zone

0.45 – 1.00 Battle-Scarred
0.38 – 0.45 Well-Worn
0.15 – 0.38 Field Tested
0.07 – 0.15 Minimal Wear
0.00 – 0.07 Factory New

Command Effect Default
cl_autowepswitch 0 disable weapon switch on pickup 1
cl_disablefreezecam 1 disable kill cam 0
spec_replay_auto 0 disable kill replay 1
sensitivity 1.1 set sensitivity 6
viewmodel_fov 50 set viewmodel FOV 68
voice_scale 0 silence other players but still see their icons 1

Launch options

-novid no videos
-console open the console
-exec autoexec exec autoexec.cfg

Binds (Valve Wiki) / HowTo: Scripting, Binds, Configs / List of Entities

bind "f" "use weapon_flashbang"
bind "c" "use weapon_smokegrenade"

// toggle between primary and secondary with q
alias weap_tog weap_tog1
alias weap_tog1 "slot1; alias weap_tog weap_tog2"
alias weap_tog2 "slot2; alias weap_tog weap_tog1"
bind "q" "weap_tog"
bind "mwheelup" "weap_tog1"
bind "mwheeldown" "weap_tog2"

bind "mouse3" "slot3"

// meta binds (hotkey combinations)
alias "+metabind" "bind Q +jump"
alias "-metabind" "bind Q +attack"
bind "ALT" "+metabind"
Command Effect
+voicerecord Record voice

To connect type connect IP:Port into the console.

  1. only derank in a group with five people
    • deranking with randoms is morally reprehensible.
    • If you don't find a 5th after ~10min, at least kick the last one. You get a cooldown if you kick a lot of people.
  2. mm_dedicated_search_maxping 150 to broaden the search for matches
  3. don't tell them you are deranking
    • especially MG ranks and higher will report you for griefing
    • don't jokingly tell them to report you either!
  4. win 1-5 rounds, not more
    • you will lose the maximum points if you are "bad" but still able to win 2-3 rounds.
  5. have fun while deranking!
    • do not shit on your teammates for winning more than 3 rounds
  6. if you go afk, type +forward in console so you don't get kicked.
    • do not type +left or similar, it makes viewers get sick
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