Not to be confused with the legal term for hitting someone very hard.

In newspeak rechargeable battery or just battery, this device stores electrical energy in the form of a chemical potential difference.

Technology Vmax1 Vmin2 Amax (discharging) Amax (charging)
NiCd 1,28V 0,9V-1,1V 250mA-500mA
NiMH3 1,26V-1,45V 0,9V-1,1V 250mA-500mA
Lead acid 2,1V 1,4V-1,75V
Li-Mn 4,05V-4,1V 2,7V-3,0V 5A-10A 1A-1,5A
Li-Po 10A-15A 1A-1,5A

Charging and discharging rate is defined as the C-Rate. Usually you want to charge at half the rate of the nominal capacity (0.5C or C/2).4

Wikipedia: List of battery sizes

identifier type size usual technology used in
AA round cell NiMH
AAA round cell NiMH
10440 round cell Ø10mm x L44mm Li-Ion same size as AAA, but different voltage (3.7V vs 1.5V)
18650 round cell Li-Ion battery packs, laptop batteries, high-power flashlights, e-cigs

[1] maximum voltage cells like this can sustain without being damaged
[2] minimal voltage where the cell is usable, anything less might damage the cell
[4] this means that if you want to charge a cell with 1000mAh, you should charge it for two hours at 500mA or less
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