Auric Basin (Tarir) Meta Event

  • Only kill the octovine if all sides of the map can kill it in the next burn phase or already killed it. When all people around you shout "STOP" or the map chat tells you, stop.
  • The octovine regenerates 25% of health if the map is not able to kill all sides within 2 minutes.
  • In west: you become a mushroom and have to dodge the enemies in the arena, then deliver your "1" skill to the octovine (it makes you explode)
    • The "1" skill when you're a mushroom removes 1 stack out of 15 layers of slime, when all 15 are removed you can attack the octovine.
  • In north: Players need to equip the Acid Throwers and use them on the vine that’s blocking the door. Armors should focus on knocking away Trigger Blossoms and healing allies.
    • If you see that your turrets don't remove any layers, try positioning them between the bramble vines and the octovine.
  • East requires players to collect bombs, jump onto an updraft and drop them on the vine.
  • To move the explosive in south, players have to use knockback/pull skills ("CC") in order for it to reach the Octovine and detonate.
    • Only players are able to interact with it, meaning your Armors have to concentrate on knocking back Blossoms, healing and dealing damage to enemies.

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