GW2 daily routine

★ = you should definitely do this!

  • Feed Mawdrey II, Herta and Princess
  • Charge 25 Quartz Crystals ★, for Grow Lamp and other exotic/rare recipes
    • Priory Archives in Lornar's Pass (probably fastest)
    • Issormir's Body in Wayfarer Foothills
    • Earthen Magic in Queensdale
  • visit the PSNA
  • gather Flax below Jaka Itzel waypoint
  • Istan Great Hall event + chest daily
  • Farm guild hall and home instance for materials ★
  • do daily achievements ★
    • consider WvW/PvP achievements if PvE takes too long
    • daily LS3 achievements are quite easy (collecting magic et al) ★

The missions:

  • Monuments
  • Veteran Creature Slayer
  • Big Spender
  • Land Claimer
  • Guard Killer.

Those are the fastest to complete and require 0 interaction with players.

If none of these are on the tab, skip the WvW tab.

If you want to do the Land Claimer or Guard Killer and you realize you are teamed up against powerful enemies, skip the WvW dailies as well.

It is not worth to ruin your mood and fun. The majority of players who are in the WvW, are there to fight other players. They will not allow you to get your daily done. So if your path is blocked by a player, scrap that daily.

Why should you do the WvW dailies?

  1. You get badges of honor, a very useful currency which is required for the big spender.
  2. There is a cultural armor vendor at every base, who offers you cultural armor of all races/tiers/weights for badges. So if the Big Spender is up, you can get the daily + a free racial armor skin. It takes more than a year to unlock all T1-T2 with that method and you always have feel a great success when unlocking one. Normally you can buy cultural armor in the cities for very high ammounts of gold.
  3. You get potions to progress your WvW Reward Track. Before you start doing the WvW dailies, look through all available Reward Tracks and pick the one, which looks most useful to you. If you plan to craft a legendary weapon one day, the Gift of Battle path is useful (it grants you extra obsidian shards + mystic clovers). If you are into armor skins, take a look at the legacy armor path. If you like dungeon stuff but have no time to run them, pick one of the dungeon tracks. If you like the skins from the living story meta events but hardly have any time to hunt the achievements, do the track of the LS chapters. There is a reward track for nearly every need.
  4. If you do not want to spend the potions because you have all items already and feel no need of anything, keep them in your bank. They are also required for special guildhall upgrades. You can either use them for your own guild, or try to sell them to other guilds. (same works for the potions you receive from the PvP dailies)
Name Profession
Lump of Mithrillium Armorsmith, Artificer, Huntsman, Weaponsmith
Glob of Elder Spirit Residue Artificer, Huntsman, Weaponsmith
Spool of Thick Elonian Cord Huntsman, Leatherworker, Tailor, Weaponsmith
Spool of Silk Weaving Thread Armorsmith, Leatherworker, Tailor
Heat Stone Armorsmith, Leatherworker, Tailor
Plate of Meaty Plant Food Huntsman
Plate of Piquant Plant Food Chef
Grow Lamp Jeweler
Clay Pot Artificer
  • Ley-Line Run ★
  • Salvage Pit (Shrouded Ruins) ★
  • Bugs in the Branches
  • Tendril torches
  • On Wings of Gold
  • Tier 4
  • "recommended"
Ascalonian Catacombs Path 1, Path 3
Sorrow's Embrace Path 1, Path 3
Citadel of Flames Path 1
Caudecus' Manor Path 1, Path 2, Path 3
Ascalonian Catacombs Path 2
Twilight Arbor Forward, Up
Citadel of Flames Path 2
Crucible of Eternity Path 1, Path 2, Path 3

Keep an eye on the timer websites. Sorted from most time-gold-effectiveness to least.

  • Svanir shaman chief
  • Tequatl the Sunless
  • Legendary Karka Queen
  • Fire Elemental
  • Claw of Jormaq

This depends on your karma and your tyrian mastery level. If you have Tier 3 unlocked, you can use the Pact Supply Network Agents. This is a group of 6 NPCs which change their location daily. You can purchase one item per day, all items are sold for karma.

Reasons to check the PSNA daily:

  1. They offer very unique and rare recipes, once in a while. Some of the recipes sell for several golds on TP, others are account bound on aquisition and can no longer be obtained from anything - historical content. Some of the account bound recipes are extremely valuable, even if you are not much into crafting.
  2. Pact Scout's Mapping Materials: These are the major reason most of us do the PSNA daily. When you open your worldmap ingame, you may have noticed a list of items once you mouseover a map name. Those items are map-rewards. The rewards are different on each map and remain for one week. Then the rewards change. You can get these items either by completing any event on the map or by using one of the Mapping Materials (instantly), if you are in that map. You can either use this method to aquire certain materials quickly (e. g. charged lodestones - which are horrible to farm) or you can check the list, and make some quick gold out of them.

This is another thing that depends on your account and what you have unlocked. There are several nodes/objects worth to include into a daily visit.

  1. Quartz Node: It can be obtained via the Gift of Quartz from a laurel vendor for 25 laurels + 15 gold. Quartz may not look like much to you. But it is a rare material. There are just a few nodes in the entire game, refining the quartz increases its value a lot, because it is a time-gated material. Once you have 25 pieces of Quartz, you can talk to any touch-Heropoint and fuse them into 1 Charged Quartz. Charged Quartz are accound bound, required for celestial stats and a lot of cool items, which sell good on TP. There are people, who farm the regular quartz nodes daily as well, but the home instance version is a thing you can do in a single run with the other nodes.
  2. Sprocket Generator: It can be obtained via the Gift of Sprockets from a laurel vendor for 25 laurels + 15 gold. The node grants you two materials. Sprockets which are currently very expensive and Blade Shards, which are used to craft the Spinal Blades Backpack.
  3. LS3 nodes for unbound magic/ascended trinkets with selectable stats/ascended backpieces with selectable stats. This depends on which LS3 episodes you have unlocked. The winterberry-node is one of the best options. You loot it with a single gather-strike, you farm enough to unlock the daily Winterberry gatherer always which means a bonus of 1500 karma, daily.
  4. Chests/Boxes from Heart of Thorns (Airship Cargo from Verdant Brink, Exalted Chest from Auric Basin, Chack Cache from Tangled Depths) and the Found Bandit Chest (after completion of Point of No Return - LS2). The HoT boxes award you with equipment and map-currencies, the banit chest gives you a champion bag + a rare item (= chance for a free glob of ectoplasm).
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