Content in Guild Wars 2

PvE and WvW PvP Fashion Wars Getting rich GW1
Tier 0:
get started
Step 1: reach lvl80
Step 2: Get a meta build
Step 3: Get masteries (gliding, raptor, springer first)
Create a character, go to heart of the mists, low level characters will be scaled up buy all skins from heart/karma vendors you don't have visit, and Get the game.
Instanced PvE Open World WvW
Tier 1 Dungeons: Story mode Fractals to lvl25,
full asc. gear
Dragon Response Missions
Kill all world bosses, do achievements of world bosses WvW dailies, warclaw mount, friday resets Learn all classes Go for a theme you like Meta events, speedrun dungeons, rich node farming, daily Fractals
Tier 2 Dungeon explorable paths Ad Infinitum Kill all bosses Finish Tequatl, Triple Trouble, all masteries, all mounts, commander tag roaming, zerging, WvW guild platinum/high gold Elo Unlock everything for your theme Learn what and when to flip Finish Hall of Monuments
Tier 3 All Twilight Aetherblade Path achievements Dancing with demons, T4 CM All achievements, CM farming Legendary weapons/trinkets Legendary WvW armor, Conflux, Warbringer, GvG Legendary PvP armor, transcendence, automated tournaments legendary effects and infusions speculating, market manipulation God Walking Among Mere Mortals
no-life tier Unlock all dungeon skins Fractal God title Competitive speedrunning All open world and chronic achievements God of WvW title win monthly automated tournament Unlock all dyes, finish wardrobe Top 1% in liquid gold, I'm rich, you know title Hold Heroes Ascend 8 hours
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