Development tools

There are lots of IDEs and editors for writing code. You can either use a predefined environment or make your own. Some useful tools and commands are listed on this page.

Shows differences in code files, e.g. while merging with git.

  • meldGUI Merge. Compares code in a two- or three-pane editor to visually review changes.
  • code --diff – vscode visual diff .
  • cdiff
  • sdiff -o

VCS are software to version your code. It's basically a supercharged undo function for your whole project. Accidental changes are mitigated and you can always see who did what and when.

Source code versioning and collaboration with git is only possible because Our Gitty Lord And Savior Linus Torvalds™ made it so.

  • git-extras – tools which make working with git easier
  • BFG Repo-Cleaner – Removes large or troublesome blobs and files you don't want in your git history.
  • tea – command line client for Gitea.
  • GLab – open-source GitLab command line client.
  • gh – official GitHub tool for working on the command line.
  • git-cola
  • tig – Terminal git pager/browser.
  • Magit – text-based user interface to Git. Fills the gap between the Git command-line interface and GUIs, letting you perform version control tasks with mnemonic key presses.

Ugly TK GUI for browsing Git repositories.

Show the history for a subfolder: gitk -- path/to/folder (has to be run in repo folder)

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