Recommended packages:

pipenv installs packages in a virtual python environment and maintains a Pipfile with all requirements
  • pip
  • venv
  • pip-tools
  • pyenv
  • conda
  • pipenv – packaging and development workflow
  • poetry – packaging and development tool, pretty similar to pipenv but faster dependency resolution
  • Docker

Has to be on the first line of every executable script so the interpreter can be found. Correct Shebang for Python 3 is:

#!/usr/bin/env python3
  • requests – "HTTP for humans" – HTTP connections and data retrieval
  • PyMoo – single- and multi-objective algorithms and features related to multi-objective optimization such as visualization and decision making.
  • Scrapy – fast high-level web crawling & scraping framework
  • Altair – declarative visualisation.
  • CodeCombat – Coding game where you can learn Python and JS by programming the moves of an RPG character.

Line endings are in Windows format (CRLF / \r\n) and not Linux/Unix format (LF / \n). Fix this with dos2unix or your text editor's save options.

--single-version-externally-managed is an option used for Python packages instructing the setuptools module to create a Python package which can be easily managed by the host's package manager if needed.

Fedora / CentOS 7+:

dnf in python3-setuptools python3-wheel


pip install -U setuptools wheel
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