Windows-Tools for sysadmins

see also: Windows internal tools / awesome-windows

Name Purpose
Autoruns view and analyze Autostart entries
BlueScreenView show BlueScreen dumps
Bulk Crap Uninstaller
aka BCUninstaller
Batch removal of Windows software.
Chocolatey Package manager and software distribution
CrystalDiskInfo show SMART values of HDDs, do tests
Display Driver Uninstaller cleans leftover files from display drivers
fastcopy copy faster (esp. small files)
HWiNFO32 system information and reports, similar to WinAudit
Process Explorer Task manager with advanced functionality
RWEverything read BIOS values from within Windows
W10Privacy set various privacy options and uninstall Microsoft telemetry
WinAudit inventory utility which creates a comprehensive report on a machine's configuration, hardware and software.
WSUS Offline Update Windows Update management
Name Purpose
control System control panel
diskmgmt Disk Management
regedit Registry editor
netplwiz User management
systempropertiescomputername Computer name (Domain)
devmgmt Device Management
winver show Windows version
Name Purpose
boxstarter reboot resilient install framework
chocolatey package manager
msys2 GNU/Linux tools for Windows
net network shares
bootrec fix boot problems
bcdboot copy a simple set of BCD files to an existing empty partition

Windows Commands Reference – A PDF containing an overview and alphabetical listing of Windows commands.

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