Medion Chromebook S2015

It runs Chrome OS by default.

First, remove the battery by pushing the small slide bar to the right, then remove all the black rubber thingies which hide the screws.

Unscrew all 11 screws from the base and 4 screws from the battery compartment.

Lift the shell. Watch out, lots of small plastic hooks and two cables.

There are two ribbon cables connected to the mainboard from the keyboard/touchpad. Lift their holding mechanisms up and gently remove the cables.

Unscrew the top right screw from the mainboard. This is the write protect screw. Scratch all solder which connects said screw's base's parts together off the board.

Put everything back together. Pay attention to the ribbon cables: Don't fold them and put them in straight.

cgpt show /dev/sda
       start        size    part  contents
           0           1          PMBR (Boot GUID: 6FF4698F-7DB7-D24B-BA85-C07D7E1DCB8D)
           1           1 IGNORED  Pri GPT header
    30777311          32          Sec GPT table
     8704000    22069248       1  Label: "STATE"
                                  Type: Linux data
       20480       32768       2  Label: "KERN-A"
                                  Type: ChromeOS kernel
                                  Attr: priority=0 tries=0 successful=0 
     4509696     4194304       3  Label: "ROOT-A"
                                  Type: ChromeOS rootfs
       53248       32768       4  Label: "KERN-B"
                                  Type: ChromeOS kernel
                                  Attr: priority=1 tries=0 successful=1 
      315392     4194304       5  Label: "ROOT-B"
                                  Type: ChromeOS rootfs
       16448           1       6  Label: "KERN-C"
                                  Type: ChromeOS kernel
                                  Attr: priority=0 tries=15 successful=0 
       16449           1       7  Label: "ROOT-C"
                                  Type: ChromeOS rootfs
       86016       32768       8  Label: "OEM"
                                  Type: Linux data
       16450           1       9  Label: "reserved"
                                  Type: ChromeOS reserved
       16451           1      10  Label: "reserved"
                                  Type: ChromeOS reserved
          64       16384      11  Label: "RWFW"
                                  Type: ChromeOS firmware
      249856       65536      12  Label: "EFI-SYSTEM"
                                  Type: EFI System Partition
                                  Attr: legacy_boot=1 
    30777343           1          Sec GPT header
                                  Sig: [EFI PART]
                                  Rev: 0x00010000
                                  Size: 92
                                  Header CRC: 0x46da165a 
                                  My LBA: 30777343
                                  Alternate LBA: 1
                                  First LBA: 34
                                  Last LBA: 30777310
                                  Entries LBA: 30777311
                                  Number of entries: 128
                                  Size of entry: 128
                                  Entries CRC: 0x237d7a40 
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