RDP wrapper

rdpwrap loads the RDP DLL so you can log in from other systems.

This inspired the rdpwrap tool. Original post:

Nov 11, 2012
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Have you ever thought about the difference between Windows Server Datacenter and Windows Starter Edition?

All windows editions are compiled from the single code base.

Some editions can have some components while others missing them.

But its not full truth. Even starter edition already has most of the components needed to convert it to ultimate edition.

Most of features of windows are controlled by the single registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\ProductOptions\ProductPolicy

ProductPolicy is protected by kernel - if you write the value - its content remain unchanged although SetValue operation succeeds.

To overcome this protection you need to reboot in setup mode:


You can change the values in this mode but they will be reverted back by Software Protection service ("sppsvc") according to licensing templates in C:\windows\system32\spp. They are signed and cannot be changed without hacking of sppsvc.

I don't know what kind of operations require sppsvc running. Most ops can be done with sppsvc disabled.

If you decided to modify ProductPolicy I suggest :

  1. Disable sppsvc
  2. Reboot in SetupMode
  3. Change needed values
  4. Save your changed policy to a file
  5. Reboot in normal mode

Whenever you need to reenable sppsvc:

  1. Do it
  2. Do all you wanted to do with sppsvc enabled
  3. Disable it back
  4. Reboot in SetupMode
  5. Reapply your changed policy from file
  6. Reboot in normal mode


maximum memory allowed on x64 system (in MB)

Kernel-WindowsMaxMemAllowedX86 + Kernel-MaxPhysicalPage

  • maximum memory allowed on x68 system (in MB)
  • set them both to 65536 to unlock PAE capabilities
  • You can have up to 64G of ram on 32-bit system!


  • Set them both to 1 to enable sideloading of metro apps even on Win8 Core Edition


1 Do not allow remote RDP connections


Terminal services mode

0 logon impossible even on console
1 1 remote connection. if a user is logged on locally he will be logged out. (workstation mode. default on win 7/win 8)
2 possibility of simultaneous sessions (server mode)

(2 is default on server)


1 Allow software raid-5 (disabled on win7/8, enabled on server)


1 can be joined to domain. disabled on starter/home/core edition.

Dig, try, and you will find much more!

I offer you my tool to make ProductPolicy modification process simple and effective!YtognQ6D!bKNe6xctvxa29HBtNX_QjSNrRdRgXOeb54cGHy1s-Ao

  File: ProductPolicyEditor_1.0.3.rar
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