Quality of Service (QoS)

There are two ways of determining how traffic in queues is handled, Strict Priority (SP) and Weighted Round Robin (WRR).

Egress traffic from the highest priority queue is transmitted first. Traffic from the lower queues is processed only after the highest queue has been transmitted, which provide the highest level of priority of traffic to the highest numbered queue.

When the queuing mode is by Strict Priority, the priority sets the order in which queues are serviced, starting with queue_8 (the highest priority queue) and going to the next lower queue when each queue is completed.

In WRR mode the number of packets sent from the queue is proportional to the weight of the queue (the higher the weight, the more frames are sent).

When the queuing mode is Weighted Round Robin, queues are serviced until their quota has been used up and then another queue is serviced.

  • Last modified: 2024-07-05 14:31