Linux CLI Tools

dd data destroyer, copies files bit by bit
dmidecode show BIOS devices
journalctl show logs (only systemd)
ldd information about shared libs
strace Stack Trace
sysstat System statistics collection daemon, contains sar, iostat, mpstat, pidstat, sadf. Has a telegraf input plugin
badblocks scan device for bad blocks
blockdev check some block device parameters
cgdisk ncurses partition manager (gdisk frontend)
df show free space
findmnt show mounts
f3 Utilities to detect and repair counterfeit flash storage
iostat I/O statistics
iotop I/O process statistics
ncdu ncurses disk usage
vmtouch learning about and controlling the file system cache
ranger CLI file manager with vi-like keybinds
sar from package sysstat, collects and reports system activity information
jdupes find duplicates and deduplicate them with Btrfs
wipe delete and overwrite files and folders in a secure manner

see network

imapsync copy IMAP mails around
swaks Swiss Army Knife for SMTP
git Git code management
imagemagick image processing
man show manuals (manpages)
tar pack files into "tape archives"
shellcheck check shell scripts for errors
date show date
exiftool view (image) file information
pev PE32 file analysis
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